DA-Desk is the largest independent provider of port cost management services. 

Our mission is to increase transparency in the disbursement account process, create operational efficiency, and improve the price-value relationship for both principals of shipping companies and port agents. Since its founding in 2001, DA-Desk has helped customers transform port cost management practices and establish new standards for efficiency and oversight.

Our first commitment is to our customers

As a DA-Desk customer, you can depend on us to streamline operations, provide objective oversight, protect confidential information, and navigate complex regulatory issues. DA-Desk is fully independent, with no financial connection to port suppliers, port agents or shipping companies.

We are specialists

DA-Desk is focused exclusively on the DA process, from port agent nomination to voyage closing. Your team will be free to focus on other important tasks because our team of skilled knowledge workers will manage every painstaking detail.

Since DA-Desk is involved in more than 140,000 port calls per year, we are also able to reduce unit costs and pass savings directly to you.